Chasing Shadows


Acrylic on box canvas





A large statement piece with texture and opulent splashes of gold paint which swirl around the subject giving a sense of the energy of this magnificent animal.

This painting had its Genesis after I put the word out that I was looking for an exceptional grey horse to use as my inspiration and muse for a series of paintings and drawings.  I was put in touch with Lee who owns and trains horses for film work. As soon as I saw ‘Ice’ I fell in love with him – a visually stunning Andalucian stallion with attitude. This boy can strike a pose on command, and Lee soon had him galloping around the arena, wheeling and rearing as I watched in awe!

I think in metaphors – what this piece means to me, and the visceral responses I hope to generate in its audience. I want people to make a connection with this painting, I want to touch their souls.

International Artist Magazine (issue April/May 14) devoted a full-page feature to this painting.

The canvas is painted around the edges (33mm deep) and doesn’t require a frame.


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