Angels Smile when There Is Harmony


Acrylic on linen canvas





Inspired by Fuego de Cardenas, ridden by Juan Manuel Munos Diaz

I was in the audience for the Olympic Dressage Finals in Greenwich in 2012.

It was a boiling hot day but riders and horses kept their cool and each completed an incredible performance which showed the discipline and dedication they put into their sport.

Our very own Charlotte DuJardin brought home the gold on Valegro, but my heart was captured by the Spanish horses.

This painting is my tribute to the magnificent Fuego de Cardenas, in total harmony with his rider.

Rich colours and splashes of gold reflect the passion of the competition, while vigorous brush-marks speak of the contained energy of this powerful horse.

The painting is offered in a 85mm wide frame in shades of copper and silver, with an external size of 89 x 76 cm


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